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PhraseExpress v6 Pro 6

PhraseExpress v6 Pro 6

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PhraseExpress v6 Pro Publisher's Description

No more typing common phrases again!

How often do you have to type common phrases like addresses, bank account information, code snippets, forum postings or standard email templates when handling Ebay auctions, etc.?!

PhraseExpress organizes your frequently used phrases and allows pasting them into any application. The auto complete feature automatically expand abbreviations and correct typos while you type. Your common phrases can be arranged in sub folders and are clearly laid out in the task tray pop-up menu.

PhraseExpress will save hours of your valuable time and is the ideal solution for office workers, editors, translators, technical support and help desk staff, call centers and developers.

Easy to use

PhraseExpress is extremely easy to use. Adding a new phrase is done in less than 5 seconds. The user interface can be limited to avoid operating erorrs.

Autotext for all applications

PhraseExpress provides the AutoCorrect function as known from MS Office but for all applications on your computer. Ever missed this feature in your web browser? This is where PhraseExpress steps in - It works everywhere! Not just in MS Office.

Hotkey support

You can also quickly trigger phrases by using hotkeys. The phrase selection opens directly next to your mouse cursor.

Powerful extra functions

The current date/time stamp or incrementing variables for order numbers or support tickets can be added at any position. The comprehensive macro language allows automating repetitive tasks on your computer such as logging in to a website.

Reduces typing errors

PhraseExpress not only improves your productivity but also minimizes typing errors. Less typing - Less mistyping! The AutoCorrect feature additionally corrects misspellings while you type in any program. This works for all common misspellings you have defined.

Consistent communcation

PhraseExpress enables all employees to use the same letter templates and common for the customer communication. This helps to maintain a consistent corporate identity in large scale organizations.

More flexibility

PhraseExpress has significant advantages over existing AutoCorrect functionality as seen in Office software packages:

  1. PhraseExpress Autotext works in any application, e.g. for filling web forms, internet forum postings, chat sessions or custom database applications
  2. Autotexts are stored in a single data file. Data back-up is easy and phrases can be distributed to all users in a network in a snap. Ever tried that with your Word AutoCorrect items?
  3. PhraseExpress recognizes caps letters, can contain multi-line phrases and you can even trigger powerful automatisation tasks by just typing a few letters (e.g. log into your Ebay account by typing 'ebayweb' anywhere)
  4. You can paste phrases not only via Autotext but also from the tasktray icon menu or by using keyboard shortcuts

Accidentally hitting the Caps Lock key can be maddening. PhraseExpress now optionally can lock the CAPSLOCK key.

Complete feature list
  • Phrases can be pasted via the pop-up menu, Autotext or hotkeys
  • Unlimited amount of phrases and folders
  • Unlimited amount of variables with customizable incrementor (e.g. for order numbering or support tickets)
  • Date-/time stamp with customizable format and time-shift option
  • Support of nested phrases (e.g. to use a common footer template phrase for all email phrases)
  • Additional manual text input for a phrase
  • Automatisation of repetitive tasks via the powerful macro language
  • Customizable user interface to avoid operating errors
  • Network support to allow access to a central phrase file
  • Optional statistics showing you the accurate time savings when using PhraseExpress
  • Optionally deactivation of the CAPSLOCK-key
  • XML compatible phrase storage file format
  • Automatic backup file creation
  • Two text paste methods: Via the Windows clipboard or by simulating individual keystrokes

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